Spencer Savings Bank Sponsors Financial Education Program for Almost 800 Local StudentsJune 27, 2018

Elmwood Park Ever Fi Program

Spencer Savings Bank believes financial education is the key to empowering the community. The bank is proud to announce that almost 800 local students increased their financial literacy knowledge through participation in the EverFi financial education program, sponsored by Spencer Savings Bank. This year, lessons were taught to high school and elementary/middle school students in Bergen and Passaic counties.

The program uses digital learning to maximize students’ potential. Online resources engage users (through video, animations and interactive activities) and bring complex financial concepts to life. There are modules on a variety of topics: Savings, Banking, Credit Cards & Interest Rates, Credit Scores, Financing Higher Education, Renting vs Owning, Taxes & Insurance, Consumer Protection and Investing. The courses help students build the foundation for healthy financial decision-making and provide students the necessary tools to successfully manage their financial future.

“Financial literacy is an important aspect of everyday life. Learning these skills at a young age is crucial for adult empowerment in this area,” stated Jose B. Guerrero, Spencer’s Chairman, President & Chief Executive Officer. “Spencer is very proud to empower students to better manage their personal finances, and excited to do so at no cost to the schools or parents in our community. Since the bank started sponsoring this program, almost half a decade ago, over 3,000 students in our local community have been taught about financial literacy. We encourage them to keep learning and growing in this area!”

Recently, the Spencer Savings Bank staff visited Elmwood Park Memorial High School to discuss how the sponsored program was going and play a fun game of financial Jeopardy! Great feedback was received from the students, who were very appreciative of the bank sponsoring the program. One of the students, Fatma Gazeyoglu, stated “The EverFi program was a very helpful program to expand my knowledge in financial literacy. The program was very interactive and detailed, letting me learn a lot from the experience. I liked the program a lot as it gave me various tips to help me in the future. The program is great as it goes over various topics that all will become a necessity to know sometime in the future.”

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