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Apply for a Spencer Mortgage on Your
Mobile Device or Tablet

Spencer Savings Bank has always been committed to automating the home loan process to help the people of our community move one step closer to homeownership.

Now, you can apply for a mortgage with Spencer using your smartphone or tablet. Our new mobile-friendly application makes it easier and more convenient than ever to fill out your Spencer mortgage loan application, with intuitive features leading you through the entire process to ensure your application is accurate and error-free on the first try. Use our mobile portal to:

  • Check rates and fees
  • Compare loan products
  • Start, save and submit an application

Applications are stored securely on the cloud, which means you can seamlessly access and edit from any desktop or mobile device. Start on your phone or tablet, and then finalize on your computer. Our responsive mobile design provides optimal readability no matter what device is being used.

Once you submit your application, it will be reviewed with a quick turnaround and 100% local lending decisions.

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