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  Financial Center Closing & Important News
Temporary Closing Read More

The Wood-Ridge Financial Center is currently closed. Please visit our nearest Financial Center located at 107 South Main Street, Lodi for your banking needs. We apologize for the temporary inconvenience.

Mariner’s Bank has joined Spencer Savings Bank.
We are excited to welcome Mariner’s customers and employees to the Spencer family. Read More

Chairman’s Message

Our Chairman's Message

To Our Valued Customers, Friends and Community:

Last year was a tough, unprecedented year filled with many hurdles and setbacks. The coronavirus pandemic, its impact and what we’ve all had to endure has been life changing in many ways. As we pause and reflect on the past year, this new year and all that it may bring, we wanted to reassure you that Spencer remains committed to helping you through this difficult time and in offering you our best support.

In starting a new year, we took some time to reflect on all that was accomplished last year. Our team truly did an amazing job in leading the community through this pandemic. We came together quickly and worked hard to organize and distribute $400,000 to hospitals, nonprofits and businesses in our local community. We proactively ensured all our personal, business and lending customers received the support they needed. We ensured vital banking services were provided with minimal disruption and worked hard to keep our financial centers safe for all who visited.

Last year we were also reminded of the vital role community banks play in the banking industry. We lent our support to the small business community via the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP). Over 1,000 jobs and 171 businesses were saved, and $15.3 million originated in loans. We were so proud to help these small business customers by providing much-needed assistance at a time when they needed it most. Messages filled our in-boxes and voicemails of how the big banks were turning away small business customers and focusing more on their larger customers. They were advising small businesses to try community banks instead for help. At Spencer, we worked with the small business customers diligently and after receiving PPP funding from us, many of them decided to leave these bigger banks and move their banking relationship over to us. Our community bank offered more accessibility, more understanding and a network of strong support that made the process seamless.

Looking back, we’re so proud of the support we have lent to our customers and our community, at a time when they needed it most. It was a tough year and a very busy one for us here. As we look ahead into this new year, we promise to continue to hold true to all that community banking represents and never waiver from this. We will continue to serve you with excellence. We will continue to help you recover from this difficult time and work with you to support your financial goals and dreams. Nothing is more important to us here. Together, we’re going to move forward successfully into a better year! Best wishes for a healthy and prosperous 2021!

Kind regards,

Jose B. Guerrero
Chairman & CEO