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Business Mobile Banking

Take your business on the go with Spencer Mobile Banking. We’ve combined the latest digital banking technologies with exceptional service, so businesses can enjoy the flexibility of managing their Spencer accounts anytime and anywhere. You can use our mobile app to check your balances, view transactions, approve ACH files, transfer funds and even deposit checks.

Ready to make your business banking easier than ever? If you’re signed up with Spencer Online, download the Spencer app from Google Play or the App Store. If we don’t have an app for your phone, you can visit from your phone’s browser to view the website. If you are not yet signed up for online banking, click here to get started.

Comparing Platforms
Smartphone Apps
iPhone, Android
iPad & Android Tablets
Deposit Checks  ✔  ✔
Check Balances  ✔  ✔
View Transactions  ✔  ✔
Transfer Funds  ✔  ✔
Account Alerts  ✔  ✔
Find Spencer Locations  ✔  ✔
Quick Balance
Approve ACH Files & Wire Transfers  ✔  ✔
Approve New Users  ✔  ✔
Maintain New Users