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Cash Management

Spencer offers the products and services that help business customers like you control payables, accelerate receivables, determine your daily cash position, and effectively put excess funds to work. You’re just keystrokes away from online management of your company’s cash resources. We’ve combined the latest technology with exceptional service, so you can enjoy the flexibility of managing your Spencer accounts anytime and anywhere.

Cash Management Services:

  • ACH Origination
  • Wire Transfers
  • Bill Payments (One-Time or Recurring)
  • Transfers and Account Sweeps
  • Account Reconciliation/Positive Pay
  • QuickBooks Web Connect
  • Zero Balance Account Processing
  • DepositXpress (Remote Deposit Capture)

Cash Management Features:

  • Pricing Customized for your Business
  • Real-Time Account Management
  • Detailed Transaction History
  • On-Screen Check Images
  • Online Research Requests
  • Next Day Funding Via DepositXpress

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