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Protect your cards from fraud and cap your personal spending with CardValet, the mobile application that turns your smartphone into an on/off switch for your debit card. CardValet is free for Spencer Savings Bank customers, and comes with customizable settings that give you greater control of when, where and how your cards are used. With just a few taps, you can:

  • Receive real-time alerts whenever your card is used.
  • Allow your card only to work in certain locations or geographic areas.
  • Turn your card “off” to temporarily disable ATM withdrawals and transactions.
  • Set spending limits by merchant type (gas, groceries, etc.).
  • Decline a transaction that exceeds your specified spending limits.
  • Check your balances and review transactions.
  • + More

CardValet is available for Spencer personal and business banking accounts, on Android and Apple devices. Download the app and safeguard your cards today!

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Card Valet