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Financial Center Manager Rebecca Kelly

Can you tell us a bit about yourself?
I have an extensive level of retail banking experience and supervisory skills. My most recent position in retail banking was managing a team in a call center environment, where we provided an exceptional level of customer service with a focus on customer retention and institutional growth. I’m looking forward to applying my experience and knowledge toward the ongoing success of our new Financial Center.

What made you want to join Spencer Savings Bank?
I love that Spencer continues to uphold its core values as a community bank while also remaining current with the times. The Financial Center is a perfect example of Spencer’s dedication to servicing the growing financial needs of local New Jersey communities in a technology-driven era.

How long have you worked in banking?
I’ve been in banking just under 30 years.

What does Spencer’s new Ewing branch bring to the surrounding community?
Our new Ewing location provides the community with a full service financial institution using new technology. This is our first location in Mercer County – serving TCNJ students, faculty, the Ewing Township community and customers of the former NJM Bank.

Why should TCNJ students be excited to have Spencer Savings Bank on campus?
Students will appreciate products designed specifically with their needs in mind, and the futuristic steps Spencer is taking to stay on the cutting edge of technology. Meanwhile, we still remain true to servicing our customers’ needs on a more personal level compared to larger institutions.

Has Spencer partnered with TCNJ for any recent events?
Yes, we had a large presence for the ribbon cutting ceremony, freshman move-in week, homecoming and Dining Out in Professional Style. We’re excited for many more events in the works!

How has the response been since Spencer first opened in Ewing?
The response has been amazing. The look and feel of the Financial Center has many people in awe. People are extremely impressed with the fact that our new Teller Interactive Machines provide a personal experience by interactively connecting with a representative at our Customer Service Center.

What’s your favorite part about coming to work at Spencer every day?
I love being a part of a team, and immersing myself in an opportunity that is a milestone for Spencer.

Which products should customers be most aware of this time of year?
For those looking to refinance or borrow for home upgrades, we have excellent loan rates. Spencer also recently introduced Special Banking Packages designed to fit the needs of college students and faculty.

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