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Marta AlexandreWestfield Financial Center Manager: Marta Alexandre

How long have you been working for Spencer?

This is a special year for me. On June 9th, I will actually be celebrating my 15th anniversary with the bank. It’s been a wonderful time! I’ve learned so much from some of the top professionals here and have grown so much. It’s been a wonderful place to share almost two decades of my career.

How long has Spencer been in Union County? What do you love most about this area?

Spencer has been in Union County since 1987. We currently have branches located in Cranford, Garwood, Union and Elizabeth. It’s a wonderful area. Not only do I work here but I also live in Union County as well. Since I both live and work here, I really feel like I know the community well. I have a good sense of what they need from a bank. The people are kind and everyone has a general sense of helping each other out and keeping each other’s best interests in mind.

In your opinion, what makes this community bank so successful?

The secret of what makes this bank so successful is the fact that it has all the same capabilities of a larger bank but is able to provide something they do not – and that is a high level of personal attention and personal commitment to its customers. Because of this, the staff is really able to connect with the community and create long term relationships with its customers. The customers experience how dedicated we are and how we always go the extra mile for them. When they get to know us and see that Spencer really has a broad menu of banking products and services, designed to meet any and all of their financial needs – it’s a win-win situation.

What is the business climate like in your region and how does Spencer help local businesses?

This region is full of diverse business professionals. We see everything from attorney offices to healthcare providers to restaurant owners and shop owners here. Spencer has really been able to come in and service the small business owners well. We really step in, giving them the personal attention and service they need, and let them know there’s someone out there who can attend to their very specific and unique needs as a small business owner. It’s this level of service, competitive pricing and all our great banking products tailored specifically for business owners that really help businesses grow and prosper with us.

What are your thoughts on Westfield being selected as the site for the new Financial Center opening? How exciting is this new banking concept?

I think I speak for the entire bank staff when I say we are all super excited to be expanding into the beautiful town of Westfield. I have been part of the Westfield Community, for years now, through the Westfield Rotary Club and the Westfield Area Chamber of Commerce. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the people I’ve met thru all the networking and community events attended, and have enjoyed long lasting relationships with many. They’re great people.

The new banking concept is exciting! It is the future of banking and we’re thrilled to present it to the Westfield community. We really feel the people are going to enjoy this new concept. It features all of the latest technology in the industry and is really going to help facilitate banking. I’m also excited to have some of our commercial loan officers based here as well. These guys are some of the top in their field and it’s going to be exciting to see all they can do to help businesses in the area grow.

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