Empower Yourself

Emulating the most successful among us is a smart move in any area of life. In the realm of finances, that means imitating those who enjoy financial security and freedom. As it happens certain habits and approaches to life are very common among well-off people. There is so much we can learn from others who have achieved in certain areas. Below are some good insights and strategic steps to embrace that will help you go further in life.

  1. Have goals. Approaching life in a haphazard, unfocused way is not a recipe for success. Goals provide structure to life. Goals will differ from person to person. What doesn’t vary is the importance of having something to strive after. Apathy and laziness are difficult to resist without goals to work towards.
  2. Delay gratification. It’s impossible to save money or accomplish anything in life without being able to delay gratification. Delaying gratification represents the ability to choose what is most important over what is most pleasurable in the moment. Work, for example, usually isn’t exactly enjoyable. Similarly, it would always be more fun in the short-term to spend rather than save.
  3. Avoid consumerism. Consumerism is the mindset that attempts to find meaning and happiness in life through material goods. This foolish approach to life makes building wealth very difficult since money is being continually wasted. More importantly, consumerism provides no real lasting satisfaction.
  4. Follow a healthy lifestyle. However you make your money, a sound mind and a healthy body are an advantage. That’s why eating nutritiously, regularly exercising, and getting enough sleep are more important to success in life than might be assumed. Stress, health problems, and the other bad effects of an unhealthy lifestyle make hard work and productivity more difficult.
  5. Save. Having a huge salary is certainly one way to become wealthy. However, saving is even more important. Many people with modest, middle-class salaries nonetheless become wealthy through disciplined, long-term saving and investing. It’s better to measure financial success by how much you save, rather than how much you earn.
  6. Remain open to learning. Learning shouldn’t end with school. The pursuit of knowledge must remain a lifelong pursuit. After all, the world is constantly changing, so knowledge is constantly becoming out of date. No matter your career, continuing to grow and learn is a necessity for long-term success.
  7. Use time well. We all have the same 24 hours per day – but successful, wealthy people make better use of their time than most people. Working fanatically isn’t necessary. What is important is striving for efficiency and avoiding procrastination and pointless, time-wasting activities. Dedication and diligence will get you far in life.
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