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Money Market Accounts

Premium Money Market features:

Perfect for the saver looking to earn interest on savings while still having access to funds. This account type offers tiered interest rates, earning more than a basic statement savings account, while offering the convenience of check access. Our Premium Money Market Account is a great way to enjoy the combined benefits of a checking and savings account, bundled to maximize your return.

  • $100 Minimum Opening Deposit
  • Monthly eStatements
  • Tiered Interest Rates
  • Free Online Banking
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E-Money Market features:

Designed for the more aggressive saver, our E-Money Market Account allows you to earn higher interest rates by maintaining larger balances. Money Markets are perfect for saving for something specific or creating a cushion for unexpected future expenses. You will still enjoy flexible access to your funds, while out-yielding a traditional savings account. Our goal is to help you save more. It’s your money, why not let it work for you?

  • $500 Minimum Opening Deposit
  • Monthly eStatements
  • High Yield Tiered Interest Rates
  • Convenient Auto Transfers

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